280 Kilometers

Day 1: 177km
Day 2: 103km

3194m Ascent

Day 1: 1866m
Day 2: 1328m


Day 1: 8H 24M
Day 2: 6H 14M

18.73 km/h

Day 1: 20.95 km/h
Day 2: 16.52 km/h

JackalBerry Challenge 2019

Extreme Target: R75 000

will begin in

Challenge Target: R385 000

JackalBerry 2018 Targets

Thank you so much to every one of you for your contribution. Every cent donated makes a difference to the learners, teachers, parents and community, and through education, positive change becomes reality.

Extreme Target: R50 000

Challenge Target: R350 000

Funds Raised

Proceeds raised during the JackalBerry Challenge each year are donated entirely to the Ubuhle Christian School

JackalBerry 2017

Highlights from JackalBerry 2017

JackalBerry 2016

Highlights from JackalBerry 2016


The JackalBerry Challenge has been sponsored since inception in 2011 by three main sponsors.

BMi Research

BMi Research is a long standing full service research house specialising in qualitative and quantitative research solutions. With multi-sector experience, the BMi team understands industrial and manufacturing research, wholesale to retail intelligence and shopper insights.

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Six Square Networks

Six Square Networks is a leading provider of managed services, offering end-to-end infrastructure, security and internet solutions to the medium-size enterprise market, enabling clients to gain operational control, visibility and efficiency, to consolidate and manage costs, whilst aligning with governance, risk and compliance objectives.

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4PL Group

The 4PL.GROUP is an intergrated supply chain company specialising in end-to-end services. We are a dynamic supply chain business established to offer the Southern African and International market a comprehensive supply chain solution. 4PL.GROUP offers full bulk supply chain turnkey solutions.

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Great Things

It is not by muscle, speed, or physical dexterity that great things are achieved, but by reflection, force of character, and judgment.

"Marcus Tullius Cicero"

JackalBerry Challenge Stats

What have we achieved over 6 years (7 events)

Kilometres Ridden

Meters Climbed

Funds Raised

Children Educated

The JackalBerry Challenge Story

What started out as a dare around a braai several years ago, has certainly made a profound impact on many people, both the scholars at the beneficiary school Ubuhle Christian School as well as the 70 cyclists who have completed at least one of the six JackalBerry Challenges to date.
Near the Mpumalanga town of Bronkhorstspruit, Ubuhle Christian School is situated on the farm of Hugo and Melanie Prinsloo. Melanie is the passionate founder and driver of the school and has brought so much hope to this community since 2008. The community consists of rural farm workers and their families whose daily plight is fighting poverty. Somehow the dream to educate their children and thus enable these children to have a chance at breaking the cycle of poverty is what attracts this community to Melanie and her passion to educate their children. The school complex began humbly and has grown in stature and influence over time through relentless vision and passion.
Enter three businessmen who shared three common passions; supporting this underprivileged school, love for mountain biking and enjoying a good challenge. So, while the cause and the starting point were born, all that was needed was the actual cycle course and the cycle destination. Enter another similar minded businessman who owns the farm JackalBerry in Machadodorp in Mpumalanga. This beef farm nestles on the escarpment and provides the perfect destination for the annual JackalBerry Challenge riders to end their two-day cycle journey.

Ubuhle Christian School is a grassroots organisation established in July 2008 to make a difference in the lives of orphans and vulnerable children of farm-worker households, living in severe poverty, on farmland of predominantly white farmers. It is located on a farm 10km from the town of Bronkhorstspruit in the North Eastern part of the Gauteng Province of South Africa.

Vision and Mission
Our vision is to provide quality Christian education, especially for orphans and vulnerable childred living in disadvantaged farmwork families and township areas surrounding Bronkhorstspruit.

Our mission is to raise a new generation of children that:

Secondary beneficiaries are members in farmworker households. Reggie Gama is completing his Town Planning degree this year as an after school Bursary Beneficiary of Ubuhle Care & Development.
The primary sponsors who have created and funded this event are 4 PL Group, BMi Research and Six Square Networks. Though they have contributed financially since inception, the expertise and support from their respective staff is really what gave life to the JackalBerry Challenge and supporting Ubuhle Christian School is certainly part of the DNA of each of these companies throughout the year. Naturally many people and many other sponsors have also made tremendous contributions to the cause over the years.

Cyclists Comments

Some insight, contemplation, reflection and introspection from the JackalBerry Challenge cyclists...


Sponsor a JackalBerry Hot Spot. All proceeds go to Ubuhle Christian School.

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8.1 km / 2% Gradient

  • Proudly Sponsored by
  • FuturePreneurs

Freddie Kruger


10.4 km / 3% Gradient

  • Proudly Sponsored by
  • Baby Einstein/Kids II

Pineapple Pass


6.5 km / 4% Gradient

  • Proudly Sponsored by
  • Herbalife

Mount Everest


2.1 km / 7% Gradient

  • Proudly Sponsored by
  • End In Mind

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